Hi! I'm Izze, the founder of I.G.YOGA.

I started practicing yoga 13 years ago as a college student.  For many years yoga remained a hobby, something I could go to when I needed to unwind, to calm my mind, to stretch, or when I wanted to challenge the limits of my body.  I decided to start teaching in order to share what yoga has given me - a greater connection to Self.

My style of yoga is geared towards helping each practitioner find a deeper connection of body and mind while working to identify and strengthen physical weakness.  Every class is carefully crafted with the student and their intentions in mind.

I completed my 200-Hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks SoHo Teacher Training Center in July 2018.

How is IGYOGA different?

I firmly believe that everyone can practice yoga, no matter your age, race, gender, size, religion, or fitness level. The idea is to find your yoga and embrace how you can gain from developing your own personal practice. Every body and every human is welcome to practice with us.


life is experienced by the mind through the body.

the body is only a vehicle or instrument

sri swami satchidananda

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IGYOGA is insured by beYogi Insurance Plus

IGYOGA is insured by beYogi Insurance Plus

Instructors are First Aid/CPR/AED Certified by the American Red Cross

Instructors are First Aid/CPR/AED Certified by the American Red Cross