Detox Week 1

I’ve officially hit the ground running with the 30-day detox.  Today is technically day 2, but yesterday I was busy celebrating Opening Day with the rest of Baltimore (don’t worry I didn’t cheat… which was pretty hard).

Arbonne has a little questionnaire profile they suggest everyone who does the Detox fill out at the beginning of the plan.  The idea is to give you a goal so that you stay focused and give yourself something to think back on when temptations rise.  Here is mine:

Why are you starting this plan today?  I’m tired of feeling tired and sluggish and like my brain is cloudy all the time.  I have so much to do and so many career goals, I never want to feel like I have to take a day to relax because I’m having trouble focusing.  Plus, I want to know that I am fueling my body properly to train for an upcoming half-marathon.

What does being fit mean to you? Being fit means having the energy and focus to do all the things I am passionate about.

How do you feel today? Well, on Day 1 I felt great – nervous and excited, but overall I felt fine.  Today (Day 2), I feel tired, and drained – exactly how I don’t want to feel anymore.  Here’s hoping this passes quickly.

How do you want to feel in 30 days? Clear, light, full of energy.  None of what I’m feeling today.


Goal #1: Cut out Dairy Totally

I am 99% sure I am lactose intolerant.  From upset stomachs to terrible post-nasal drip, I have many symptoms that could be synonymous with allergic reactions.  I’ve been able to cut milk and yogurt out of most of what I eat, but cheese is a totally different story.  I love cheese and even though I know it is absolutely disgusting and terrible for me – there is nothing better than a block of Jarlsberg after a long day.

Why? Because Dairy makes me sick.  Almost immediately I start to feel nauseous after I eat anything with dairy in it.

Obstacle: My own willpower.

Plan to overcome it: Introduce myself to new foods that I love just as much as cheese and hope that something will ultimately take its place and I will no longer feel addicted to cheese.

Goal #2: Drink More Water and Less Caffeine and Alcohol

I drink a lot of water, but I probably drink even more caffeinated beverages too.  I’m not a big soda fan, but I do love beer.  I’ve cut back on drinking a lot in the past year, but I’d like to cut even more out post detox.

Why? I’m at the age where even if I have two drinks I feel hung over the next day.  I want to learn to really enjoy one glass of wine instead of feeling like I need to have three. Same with coffee…

Obstacle: The social element of drinking

Plan to overcome it: Knowing that it is totally okay to have just water when dinning out.  Or passing on shots.

Goal #3: Tone Up

I want to build more muscle and get stronger so I can train harder for my distance races.  Who knows, maybe I’ll finally sign up for that marathon this year.

Why? It is on my bucket list to run a marathon before I turn 30…. Which is closer than it’s ever been….

Obstacle: Paying more attention to what I’m eating and the proportions.  Having a more balance diet – more protein, less sugar.

Plan to Overcome it: This detox – removing the bad stuff and incorporating the goods.


This blog is pretty reflective of how I’m feeling today, so my apologies for a some-what half-assed entry.  Here’s hoping the next few days start to get better…. and just like that I was so worn out yesterday I didn't hit publish....