Some New Endeavours

First of all, welcome to my new site.  I thought it was time to incorporate everything that I'm up to and not just the acting side of things. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure I might have indirectly retired from acting.  (I'm willing to come out of retirement for the right opportunity!)

Since I stopped acting, I focused just about all of my time and energy on writing.  I wrote and produced two one-acts (one of them was produced three times), and my first full length play (which we produced one and a half times).  Broke, exhausted, and impatiently awaiting a response from the two grad school programs I applied to, I decided I needed a change of pace and packed up my little car to head out to Chicago.  I had four friends waiting for me, and they gave me all the tools I needed to settle in.

Less than a week into my new adventure, I got my first grad program rejection letter.  It devastated me and I felt very confused as to how I could have possibly spent SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY on something that just like that wasn't going to pan out.  I spent a few weeks feeling sorry for myself, vowing that I would never write again, and deciding which online accounting school I was going to enroll in, when I did a google search for "Music Business Programs". Lo and behold one of the best music business programs in the country was located right in the south loop of Chicago.  While it wasn't a Masters program, they offered a second bachelors which I could complete in three to four semesters. 

Just as I finished writing my application essays, I received my second rejection letter.  A few minutes after that, I sent off my application to Columbia College, with the hope that maybe this was actually what I was supposed to be doing.

About a month later, I went back East to see my friend Kathleen get married in Connecticut, had martinis with a friend in the Alphabet City, and cruised the East river before having sushi with one of my best ladies - I suddenly felt incredibly homesick for New York.  Maybe it was time to come home.

By the time I returned to my swanky Coach House in Bucktown, my acceptance letter had hit my mailbox. Alright then, Columbia it is.

I can't even begin to express how valuable my time at Columbia was.  I got to dance again, I was in classes with people who shared the same passions as I, I could have real-life conversations with my professors (some of whom I now consider friends and colleagues), but most importantly, I was given the tools and confidence to do the thing everyone dreams of doing - I started my own business.

I decided to call it Far From Home Entertainment because being away from home meant something for my creative ambitions.  I can't necessarily explain it farther than that, I just didn't think I could be successful if I had everything I wanted - Artists yearn to be uncomfortable.  We self-sabotage relationships, drink too much, and find ourselves doing outrageous things to make art.  I want to recreate that environment but also supply the business tools artists don't know to ask for.  It has been both difficult and rewarding, and four months in, I find myself becoming more excited every day.

After graduation, I knew I wasn't going to stay in Chicago.  Trust me, it was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but I knew I wasn't going to stay, so it became about pulling the bandaid off fast and quick.  The memories I have from the beautiful springs and frigid winters will remain as some of my most adored - and I already have many plans to visit.

So now I'm living in Baltimore*, working day and night to get Far From Home off the ground and continue to pursue my passions as a writer, dancer, producer (just kidding, I'm not at all passionate about that - but I know people who are!), and music supervisor.  Oh, and I've decided to set some pretty outlandish goals... I'm aiming to write a new post every week, touching on the crazy things I'm up to and my progress with those extraordinary aspirations.

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...


*North of Baltimore, in Chateau du Ma Mere.  It's temporary, but hey, so is being a starving artist.