Resolution Yoga Series


Resolution Yoga Series


Oh Hey 20-19!

Resolving to get in shape? Need to get back on track after the holidays? (tell me about it…) Want something to look forward to after all the celebrations die down?

Our Resolution Yoga Series is a perfect way to stay accountable and stick to your resolution of getting in shape, practicing yoga, meditating, or maybe just getting out of the house in the dead of Winter.

The 9-week series meets once a week at a studio in Midtown Manhattan. The series starts on Saturday January 5th or Sunday January 6th.

This is a resolution you can totally accomplish. Sign up with a friend or two and make a pact to show up! There will be a special treat for those who complete all 9 sessions.

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Sessions start on Saturday January 5th or Sunday January 6th and end the first weekend in March. You must purchase the entire series, there will be no drop-in options for this offer.

Two classes are currently available:

The Beginner Series is right for new Yogis with little to no experience - this will be a true introduction to Yoga including thorough explanation and demonstrations. This class will build on itself, so attendance is essential to benefiting!

The Experienced Series is for Yogis comfortable with multiple Vinyasa Flows, Sanskrit, and longer meditations. This class will move at a slightly faster pace and have less demo and explanation.

You have the option of selecting Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer half & half options, but you can choose to take any combination of the series.

See You There!